AndyheadshotHello, I’m Andrew Gulliford and welcome to my website. As a photographer and historian who researches, writes, and photographs the American West, it’s great to have you visit online!

My latest book is called “Outdoors in the Southwest” and is available now through University of Oklahoma Press, Amazon.com, and local bookstores. This adventure anthology is packed with exciting stories of wilderness exploration and survival, with an underlying message of appreciation and respect for the natural world. Contributors include: Barbara Kingsolver, Terry Tempest Williams, Craig Childs, Ed Abbey, and many other southwestern adventurers.

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I’ve photographed beautiful places all across the United States and in parts of Europe. If there are images you need, from cars to coyotes and from ranches to rivers, just let me know.

I’m also available as a tour guide, and expert witness. You’ll find more information about these services on this site.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you get to enjoy being outdoors in the southwest with your family and friends!

I was interviewed for PBS about public land use, you can watch the video below:


Contact Andrew at andy@agulliford.com.