Expert Witness


As a practicing professional public historian, Dr. Gulliford has now been involved in four lawsuits related to access issues in Colorado and rights of way over historic mining trails and roads. Twice he has been retained by Colorado counties at the request of county attorneys, and twice by attorneys working with their private clients. As a history professor proficient in Western and environmental history, Dr. Gulliford offers a unique perspective in these cases and he always “groundtruths” each situation before beginning other kinds of research that involves government documents, diaries, letters, newspapers, mineral location certificates, homesteading documents, mining claims, photographs, etc. Dr. Gulliford has been privileged to work in Delta, Ouray, San Miguel and Rio Blanco Counties.



SAN MIGUEL COUNTY, COLORADO Gold Hill Development Company v. TSG Ski & Golf, LLC, TSG Asset Holdings, LLC, & The Board of County Commissioners of the County of San Miguel, San Miguel County Court Case 2011CV9. Hired by defendant San Miguel County to research and write about the Bear Creek and Wasatch Trails, the Gold Hill Road, and the Stargazer and Ella Mining Claims in three separate reports. September 2012 to July 2013. Approximately 1,200 exhibits at trial. The Judge ruled for public access on the Bear Creek & Wasatch Trails. Denied any historic access on Gold Hill Road. Trial order May 20, 2014.


DELTA COUNTY, COLORADO Hughes vs. Patterson in Delta County District Court Case No. 2010CV255. Dispute over access to an historic road to the West Reservoir, Fall 2012. Trial February 2013 with the judge ruling for Hughes.


RIO BLANCO COUNTY, COLORADO Expert Report for Rio Blanco County District Court Case No. 06 CV 35 ultimately settled out of court. Focused on historic homestead documents and site information. Interpreted archaeological report. Dispute over road access to private and public lands. March 2007- September 2008.


OURAY COUNTY, COLORADO Hired by the county to research and describe an historic trail and road through the Camp Bird Mine. Camp Bird Colorado, Inc. vs. Board of County Commissioners of the County of Ouray, Case Number 02CV16. Research 2003-2006. Trial October 2006. The judge ruled for Ouray County. Sustained on appeal. Commissioners of the County of Ouray, Case Number 02CV16.


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